It takes a lot to run a successful startup weekend. The ambition of launching a startup in a weekend means that there are so many details to address in the run up to the event. But once everything is in place, the real work actually begins at kickoff, when the attendees have all arrived and the idea pitching and team judging is in full swing. That’s why the Oxford Launch team is so proud to have Phil Thomson on our side.


Phil has over 20 years of experience working in global organisations and has been running his own business consultancy since 2000. He has a real passion for startups and has established multiple successful business ventures himself. And, he writes a successful blog, The Long Distance Internet Entrepreneur, where he shares the wisdom he has gained over many years in the industry.

“As a facilitator, there are lots of objectives that I try to achieve over the weekend BUT the absolute priority is to make sure people have fun and go home feeling good about themselves.”  Phil Thomson

Phil states that the greatest thing about becoming an entrepreneur is the freedom that it offers. The biggest challenge however, is overcoming other people’s pessimism. His advice? If you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, he says, it’s always best to be yourself.

Phil is an experienced event facilitator who has participated in and led multiple startup weekends. We’ll be relying on his skills to guide and marshal all event participants and to ensure we have a fabulous and rewarding startup weekend.

Have you got a startup dream you’re keen to explore? Not sure how to validate your idea, launch on a limited budget, or even find the right team? Why not join us during the Oxford Launch weekend where you’ll work hand-in-hand with our experienced mentors and like-minded peers to develop, refine and validate your ideas. And if you’ve got a winning pitch, we’ll help you launch your startup in a weekend.