Our Oxford Launch mentor, Peter Ashby is an experienced publishing consultant, with an expertise in reference, research and educational materials.

He works with organisations that have internal or external publishing needs by setting direction, creating strategic plans and forging new business relationships. Together with his business associates, Peter works with organisations to support the implementation of a publishing strategy, ensuring that they have the support needed to achieve their publishing goals.

Peter also enjoys offering his entrepreneurial experience and skills to growing organisations through a group called Watering Can Works. Part of the appeal of joining such an organisation was the opportunity to share both his past successes and lessons learned with those who will benefit from it.

We’re pleased to have Peter’s mentorship at the Oxford Launch weekend due to his wealth of experience and the fact that he has previously pioneered many startup ventures himself. His experience as business owner has given him an intimate understanding of the need to create a balance between vision and commercial reality. These are always tough but essential lessons to learn.

I interviewed Peter during the Oxford Launch weekend and asked what words of advice he would offer to all of the Oxford Launch startup teams. He thought for a moment, then offered up guidance that had served him well over the last 20 years:

  1. Focus on an achievable niche and take a manageable, phased approach to growth and expansion
  2. Prioritise building and maintaining strong internal and external business relationships, based on trust, integrity and fairness to all
  3. Consider upholding your social responsibilities towards your environment and community.

Peter is an active Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (FRSA) – a society dedicated to finding innovative and creative solutions to today’s social challenges and he enjoys networking and working with people who support socially beneficial causes.

If you’d like to contact Peter, you can email him on: peter@ashby-projects.org, or through Twitter (@ashby_prashby), or connect with him on LinkedIn: Peter Ashby.

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