If you’re building a technology startup, dealing with innovations in software and application development, or simply inventing brand new products and services, you’ll no doubt be keen to understand the intellectual property (IP) rights and protections necessary to safeguard your ideas. If this seems like a legal minefield to you, have no fear. Our Oxford Launch mentor, Max Windich is here to help.

Max is an experienced commercial and IP lawyer based at Penningtons Manches LLP. He has considerable expertise in the high tech, media and digital industries, and under his expert supervision, firms of all sizes receive legal advice relating to the protection of their intellectual property rights, including the procurement, distribution and licensing of any software solutions or partnerships that they may put in place. He has a depth of experience in particularly intensive IT transactions, and regularly blogs or speaks publically on issues relating to the copyright protection of software and mobile app development.

Max is a self-confessed dyed-in-the-wool geek who derives an enormous amount of pleasure helping clients get their businesses off the ground. He’s had a number of exciting case studies where he has been influential in helping startups earn their first big contract or secure essential partnership agreements.

The Oxford Launch team is particularly pleased to have him onboard as he tackles an area of startup creation that is fundamental to its success. Max is really looking forward to the Oxford Launch weekend, during which he’ll be helping participants tackle a wide variety of early-stage concerns, namely:

  • How to ensure that your startup has secured its intellectual property rights
  • How to navigate the minefield of UK regulation, and
  • How to ensure that your startup’s standard trading practices and contracts provide the maximum protection.

So, if your startup idea involves any aspect of technology or consumer-facing requirements, you’ll most certainly benefit from spending some time discussing these issues with Max. He’s a great mentor and source of invaluable legal knowledge and he’ll be assisting our startup teams validate their ideas by helping to identify potential legal and/or commercial risks early on. If you’d like to connect with him beforehand, or during or after the event, you can email him at: Max.Windich@penningtons.co.uk .

Have you got a technology-based idea that you’re keen to explore but worried about the IP, copyright or commercial risks? Would you like the opportunity to discuss those issues with our legal expert? Why not join Max and the Oxford Launch team during the Oxford Launch weekend? We have a fun-packed, intensive hands on weekend where you’ll work hand in hand with your peers and our mentors to develop, refine and validate your ideas. And if you’ve got a winning pitch, we’ll help you launch your startup in a weekend.