The Oxford Launch team are keenly aware of how fundamental the user experience (UX) is to successful product design. A successful startup simply cannot exist without the right market/product fit. And, it’s the very notion of a minimum viable product that puts the customer at the heart of all lean startup techniques.

That’s why we’re so pleased to have Lauran Hahn on board as our Lead UX mentor.

Laura is one half of the design consulting team that runs Laundromat Design, a UX consultancy that specializes in delivering a customer-centric approach to designing, testing and delivering new products and processes. In her approach to working with both large and small clients, Laura focuses on identifying the core of the problem at hand, and stresses how important it is to ‘get out of the building and talk directly to your users.’

Laura sees one of the toughest challenges facing today’s new startup is the need to differentiate oneself from the myriad of other startups out there. The need to offer something different, something that fits into your customers’ needs and desires is a compelling and challenging one.

During the Oxford Launch weekend, Laura will be helping individual teams validate and hone their business ideas through design thinking, critical user research, prototyping and testing. Her aim is to help make complicated tasks simple through a robust research-based design process.

Have you got a product or process idea that you’re dying to test in front of customers? Not sure how to go about validating your concepts or prototyping your models? Why not join Laura and the Oxford Launch team during the Oxford Launch weekend? We have a fun-packed, intensive hands on weekend where you’ll work hand in hand with your peers and our mentors to develop, refine and validate your ideas. And if you’ve got a winning pitch, we’ll help you launch your startup in a weekend.