The Oxford Launch team is so pleased to partner with Dr Graham Wilson as one of our valued mentors. Graham is a Behavioural Scientist who works with leaders in organisations helping them achieve exceptional outcomes, largely through developing a deeper understanding of human behaviour.  He is a qualified psychotherapist and has authored several management books, especially focused on rapid customer-driven product development and problem solving.  He blogs frequently on management themes including accelerated startups and fast/lean startup techniques.

As well as his area of specialism, Graham brings with him a wealth of experience of start-ups, both in the for-profit and social enterprise sectors, having founded four and led three through their growth phase.  We’re fortunate to have him share some of that knowledge with us.

“Ask most entrepreneurs what it was that made (or broke) their venture and they will say PEOPLE.” Dr Graham Wilson

Throughout the Oxford Launch weekend, Graham will be helping teams focus on perfecting the people-related aspects of running a successful startup. Your success as an entrepreneur, he says, hinges on your ability to:

  • Sell your idea in a compelling way
  • Engage with the team around you
  • Motivate that team in both the short and long term
  • Take swift people management decisions
  • Engage with prospects to get immediate feedback
  • And learn from customers in the longer-term.

Running your own startup is alluring because it offers modern-day adventuring. It allows you to head into exciting unknown territories. However, the biggest challenge you’ll face as an entrepreneur will certainly be meeting the right people and acquiring the right team. The ability to network effectively is a skill critical to your success. Graham is well known as a keen networker.

He will be providing hands-on coaching and mentoring sessions to all of our startup teams during the Oxford Launch weekend, as well as being ready to help any volunteers who are exploring their options and might like a sounding board. We’re excited to have him on the team.

Have you got a startup dream that you are keen to develop? Not sure how to network or find the right support team? Why not join us during the Oxford Launch weekend where you’ll work hand-in-hand with our experienced mentors and like-minded peers to develop, refine and validate your ideas. And if you’ve got a winning pitch, we’ll help you launch your startup in a weekend.